I love chocolate. Chocolate sustains me during difficult times. Chocolate calms me during menopausal mood swings. It is my drug of choice.

To my mind, there is no better ending to a meal than some sort of chocolate.

Here are my favorites, in no particular order:

Dove Dark Chocolate Promises: These are my every-day addiction. Rich, creamy, not too sweet. I eat three of these per night. I simply pop one into my mouth and let it melt.

Frango Mints: While I continue to mourn the passing of Marshall Fields, and have not stepped foot into Macy’s since they’ve taken over the Fields’ stores, I still long for the original Frango Mints. Clean minty flavor enhancing the chocolate, not too sweet, with a certain saltiness that provides a balance I’ve not found in other chocolate mints.

Candinas Chocolates: My guiltiest pleasure. Markus Candinas is a Wisconsin chocolatier who trained in Europe. He makes the best chocolates I’ve ever had. Located in Verona, a small town outside of Madison, Wisconsin, my in-laws introduced me to these wonderful tidbits of bliss. He has recently opened a shop on the Capitol Square in Madison.


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